Spongester 2.0 Now Available!

Made in America
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We've heard you.  We redesigned the Spongester to be a more compact, more level-headed dual-sponge holder.  The top and bottom rack have toned down their rackishness in time for the Holidays. No more sponges falling off into your sink.  

 The industrial-grade stainless steel rack still expunges bacteria while keeping it clean with two distinct shelves for your sponges. A slot for your "good sponge" (used for counter top and dishes) and "evil sponge" (sink,drain, cat dish) helps you keep track of your scrubbers without sacrificing space or style. The Spongester was designed by Michael G. Frank to appease a former germ-conscious roommate, its smart shape prevents cross-contamination with bendable, semi-perforated shelves that encourage drainage and inhibit bacterial growth.

Made in New York.

The perfect gift for the person who has everything except a Spongester.