Fight Grime


Keep the Good Sponge far away from the Evil Sponge


The Spongester is an industrial grade stainless steel sponge holder, designed to let sponges air dry, and reduce cross contamination between sponges.  Use the Good Sponge for dishes, utensils, and basically anything that will go in your mouth.  Keep the Evil Sponge in the dedicated bottom shelf. The Evil Sponge is the grimy sponge you use on the sink, the dog dish, or the stove.  Trust us, you don't want to mix up your sponges. 

I always have a sink sponge and a dishes sponge, with the dish sponge becoming the sink sponge after some time. Sometimes I get confused about which is which and it turns into a Diry Harry moment - “You feeling lucky, punk?” when picking the right sponge.
— Beaker Bro, Verified Customer Review
My daughter is a freak about her sponges this is perfect, Heaven help the person who would use the wrong sponge in her in her kitchen. This makes life so much nicer for us.
— Rita, C, UncommonGoods Customer Review
I was impressed that this is nicely sized - large but not obnoxious. It is not flimsy. Worth the cost.
— Casual Cook, Verified Customer Review
LOVE the design of this product! Keeps the countertop area around my sink clean and de-cluttered. I bought two of these: one to hold my dish sponge and my sink sponge, the other told my steel wool pad and stainless steel soap. The design is simple yet clever and stylish. I so needed this!!
— Miya N, Verified Customer Review


The perfect gift for someone who has everything. Except a Spongester.