I always have a sink sponge and a dishes sponge, with the dish sponge becoming the sink sponge after some time. Sometimes I get confused about which is which and it turns into a Diry Harry moment - “You feeling lucky, punk?” when picking the right sponge.
— Beaker Bro, Verified Customer Review
My daughter is a freak about her sponges this is perfect, Heaven help the person who would use the wrong sponge in her in her kitchen. This makes life so much nicer for us.
— Rita, C, UncommonGoods Customer Review
I was impressed that this is nicely sized - large but not obnoxious. It is not flimsy. Worth the cost.
— Casual Cook, Verified Customer Review
LOVE the design of this product! Keeps the countertop area around my sink clean and de-cluttered. I bought two of these: one to hold my dish sponge and my sink sponge, the other told my steel wool pad and stainless steel soap. The design is simple yet clever and stylish. I so needed this!!
— Miya N, Verified Customer Review